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Charvin Extra Fine Acrylics -

Date: 21-Mar-2017

For many years Charvin stayed away from making acrylics as oil colours offer more choices and compliment more styles than acrylics. However his legions of professionals were under great pressure as their students put pressure on them to paint with acrylics. The acrylics on the market required intense amount of mixing and reworking to duplicate the Charvin Oil Colour experience. So with this Bruno set out to create the perfect acrylic paint. In essence the final product is his study and his intense research as to the body and fluidity of the paint, the binders that were available and the painting nature of acrylics. The result is a an acrylic paint line which has a wide palette of soft and delicate tones as well as rich and vibrant ones. A colour that is smooth and moves across the painting surface with ease but has the body to retain brush strokes and allows the palette knife to caress its mass and move it around in even layers showing perfect definition. Finally Bruno was very sure his acrylics had to vary greatly from the basic foundation of the nature of acrylics. For after all they are a derivative of plastic and this is so unlike the natural world. So the composition (which is Charvin’s secret) makes the paint less like a plastic and more like a colour similar to oil colours. The result is an experience you won’t believe an acrylic can deliver! 

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