New Atelier Mediums

Date: 27-Dec-2018

Atelier Mediums

We have divided our mediums into two sections.  The old mediums are familiar to Atelier Interactive users, and most of them are traditional in behaviour and convert the paint mixed with them into a traditional paint which does not respond to Unlocking Formula, but there are also some Interactive Mediums in this old section and the most popular of our existing mediums the Clear Painting Medium has been transferred to the new list because it does respond to Unlocking Formula.

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NEW Atelier Mediums

 Our new Atelier Mediums - introduced in late 2018 - are the result of years of work. We present them separately from the established Mediums because of their special features.
  • They all have a double function: use with Unlocking Formula for prolonged blending, and use without Unlocking Formula for standard use.
  • The mediums are arranged in a viscosity ladder making it easy for artists to match up the medium to the work that they are doing.
  • They all dry to a satin finish which matches the heavy bodied paints Atelier Interactive and Atelier A2.
  • It is important that these Mediums form a coordinated approach to the use of Mediums which artists should find very useful.
  • All the established Mediums, such as Slow, Fast, Universal, etc., remain in place - see below.

New! Heavy Gel (Satin)

This is a very heavy bodied thick gel which can be placed on the palette and mixed with the paint by picking up with a brush or palette knife and it works in just as easily as mixing a paint colour. The surface finish matches the satin finish of the paint.

Artists who would like to have a more oil paint like texture, using palette knife or brush for increased contrast and painterliness will like this medium because it is so easy to mix in.


New! Thick Painting Medium

Painting mediums for acrylics need to have a strong lubricating effect to help with blending. This medium has a very juicy paint-like viscosity, it will sit on the palette with the paint and should be used very generously to create a thick blanket like layer of wet paint without losing the painterly viscosity of the paint itself. Use at least one part to one part of paintbecause the purpose of the Medium is to create a wet layer, ie. a blanket of wet paint, and once this is established you will not need to spritz with Unlocking Formula much or perhaps not at all, depending on the weather.

When you have finished a layer it can be dried easily by applying warmth (ie. sunlight, draft from an air conditioner or hair dryer).





New! Middle Medium

This new medium expands and advances on the formula of the popular Clear Painting Medium. It is used to lubricate the painting process but has a mid viscosity for spreading paint, and wet blending, but it also useful for edge blending wet over dry, and for scumbling and glazing

The Thick Painting Medium and the Middle Medium are the key to easier acrylic painting and some artists may use both mediums while others may only need one according to their painting style. Middle Medium is best for smooth painting and Thick Painting Medium for ‘more painterly” styles.






New! Thin Medium

This medium is a flow aide and its very liquid viscosity is useful for airbrush dilution or for liquefying heavy bodied paints for detailed work or thin glazes.









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