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  • Ink and Watercolour: Which Pen and Ink Should You Use?

    Do you love the sight of ink and watercolour on paper or canvas?  The combination of ink and watercolour can spark new creativity for your paintings, but how do you decide on the perfect pens and inks to use with watercolour paint and brushes? Read More
  • What’s the Buzz – Old Holland Classic Oil Colours

    They are pricing but great value for money as you wont need much paint to achieve what you are after. Read More
  • Daniel Smith Paint It Dot Card

    If you love taking a paint brush to a new colour, painting out a stroke, watching the colour flow across your paper and experiencing the joy of a beautiful new watercolour, then you are really going to enjoy this! Read More
  • Get more paint out of a tube! - No Waste

    Get more paint out of a tube! The Tube Wringer keeps tubes neater, reduces breakage, concentrates contents to keep them soft, and prevents waste. Read More
  • Charvin Extra Fine Acrylics -

    An acrylic with an experience you won’t believe an acrylic can deliver! Read More
  • Bulking up your paints with Matisse Acrylics Impasto Medium

    MM2 Impasto Medium allows for free intermixing with the Matisse Colours in any proportion. Read More
  • Why Varnish?

    Most of us have been in this situation before – our painting has finally reached a point of completion, it’s dry and ready to be sent off to be shown, but you’ve noticed that the surface quality is uneven... Read More
  • Claessens Artists' canvas video

    An overview of Claessens history from 1906 till today. Read More
  • Gel Image Transfers

    How to make "INDIRECT" Gel Image Transfers. Indirect Image Transfers create an image into a layer of acrylic gel that can be adhered to a variety of surface. Read More
  • Varnishing

    Gamblin Gamvar saturates and gives greater depth to the colors in your painting and gives your work a unified and protective semi-gloss surface. Read More
  • Removing Gamvar Picture Varnish

    Great video showing step by step removing picture Varnish off your painting the right way. Read More
  • Thinning Golden MSA Varnish

    Mike from Golden Product Support takes artists through the proper way to thin MSA Varnish before applying it to artwork. Read More
  • QoR Watercolours by Golden

    This is a splash video created for the introduction of QoR watercolours in May 2014, with testimonials from artists using the new paint and showing work created or in the process of being created using QoR Modern Watercolours. Read More
  • Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colours

    Take look behind the scenes at Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colours, see the factory floor, the labor, materials, art and science that goes into every tube of paint Golden make. Read More
  • Fast Image Transfer using Golden

    Golden Working Artist Melanie Matthews demonstrates the immediate image transfer technique using Golden Matte Medium Read More
  • Golden Artist Acrylics

    Golden Artist Colours offers four formulations of acrylic colour. This video demonstrates the unique qualities of Heavy Body, Fluid, OPEN and Airbrush colours for use in painting. Read More