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    Date: 14-Sep-2019
    Free Shipping on all orders over $150 : Code FREE150 must be used - Offer end October Read More
  • New Atelier Mediums

    Date: 27-Dec-2018
    The old mediums are familiar to Atelier Interactive users, and most of them are traditional in behaviour and convert the paint mixed with them into a traditional paint which does not respond to Unlocking Formula, but there are also some Interactive Mediums in this old section and the most popular of our existing mediums the Clear Painting Medium has been transferred to the new list because it does respond to Unlocking Formula. Read More
  • Ara Acrylics Coming Soon.

    Date: 16-Jun-2018
    Are Acrylics - All pigments used come from the paint factory of Old Holland Classic Colours. These will be in our store this week both 250ml & 500ml. Read More
  • NEW TERM WORKSHOPS by Kerry Bruce

    Date: 22-Feb-2018
    To grow your passion for art, learn lots and spend time with like-minded people you will be working on your individual artworks under my guidance. So this will give you the opportunity to work on a piece that can evolve and develop each week. Read More
  • Discontinuing Blockx Oils

    Date: 26-May-2017
    BLOCKX - Amazing paint with a great history - but saddened we have stopped selling the brand. Here is why ... Read More
  • What’s the Buzz – Old Holland Classic Oil Colours

    Date: 26-May-2017
    They are pricing but great value for money as you wont need much paint to achieve what you are after. Read More
  • Daniel Smith Paint It Dot Card

    Date: 03-May-2017
    If you love taking a paint brush to a new colour, painting out a stroke, watching the colour flow across your paper and experiencing the joy of a beautiful new watercolour, then you are really going to enjoy this! Read More
  • Get more paint out of a tube! - No Waste

    Date: 03-May-2017
    Get more paint out of a tube! The Tube Wringer keeps tubes neater, reduces breakage, concentrates contents to keep them soft, and prevents waste. Read More
  • Alres since 1972 - Artist Canvases

    Date: 22-Mar-2017
    Alres is a third generation storey family business that specialises in producing and distributing canvases and painting at easels. Read More
  • Charvin Extra Fine Acrylics -

    Date: 21-Mar-2017
    An acrylic with an experience you won’t believe an acrylic can deliver! Read More
  • The Art Gilding Academy (since 1999)

    Date: 21-Nov-2016
    Gilding Skills with all their secrets have usually been passed down over generations within families. Read More
  • Bulking up your paints with Matisse Acrylics Impasto Medium

    MM2 Impasto Medium allows for free intermixing with the Matisse Colours in any proportion. Read More
  • In the Studio with Kerry Bruce 2017 Classes

    Date: 17-Oct-2016
    Here is your chance to escape reality and enjoy two days of painting in a relaxed atmosphere,where you will put your personal stamp on a raw abstraction of still life. Through the exploration of mixed media techniques you will be guided through my unique creative processes. Read More
  • Assisi, Italy 10 day Painting Holliday 3rd -13th July 2017

    Date: 14-Oct-2016
    Vivid Tours presents an exceptional opportunity to explore the medieval hillside town of Assisi, in Umbria, Italy with watercolour teacher Harry Westera. Read More
  • The Sydney Art Store 9 Years

    Date: 07-Oct-2016
    Family owned & operated business in Sydney Read More
  • Why Varnish?

    Most of us have been in this situation before – our painting has finally reached a point of completion, it’s dry and ready to be sent off to be shown, but you’ve noticed that the surface quality is uneven... Read More
  • 3 Day Oil painting workshop

    Date: 23-Sep-2016
    three day oil painting workshop with Landscape painter Hobie Porter November 25th - 27th in the Byron Bay Hinterland Read More
  • Creating and Printing on Acrylic Skins with GOLDEN Acrylics and Digital Grounds

    Step-by-Step video on creating and printing on Acrylic Skins with GOLDEN Acrylics and Digital Grounds. Read More
  • Claessens Artists' canvas video

    An overview of Claessens history from 1906 till today. Read More
  • Gel Image Transfers

    How to make "INDIRECT" Gel Image Transfers. Indirect Image Transfers create an image into a layer of acrylic gel that can be adhered to a variety of surface. Read More
  • Varnishing

    Gamblin Gamvar saturates and gives greater depth to the colors in your painting and gives your work a unified and protective semi-gloss surface. Read More
  • Removing Gamvar Picture Varnish

    Great video showing step by step removing picture Varnish off your painting the right way. Read More
  • Drawing Conversations: A National Art School Symposium

    Date: 12-Sep-2016
    On September 28, 2016 the National Art School Drawing Department will stage Drawing Conversations, bringing to light the myriad ways in which drawing stimulates our seeing, our thinking and a shared sense of being in the world. Read More
  • Thinning Golden MSA Varnish

    Mike from Golden Product Support takes artists through the proper way to thin MSA Varnish before applying it to artwork. Read More
  • QoR Watercolours by Golden

    This is a splash video created for the introduction of QoR watercolours in May 2014, with testimonials from artists using the new paint and showing work created or in the process of being created using QoR Modern Watercolours. Read More
  • Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colours

    Take look behind the scenes at Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colours, see the factory floor, the labor, materials, art and science that goes into every tube of paint Golden make. Read More
  • Fast Image Transfer using Golden

    Golden Working Artist Melanie Matthews demonstrates the immediate image transfer technique using Golden Matte Medium Read More
  • Fisher's Ghost Art Award

    Date: 09-Sep-2016
    This is an exhibition open to artists Australia wide, with prize money in excess of $30,000. Read More
  • The Portia Geach Memorial Award

    Date: 09-Sep-2016
    The award celebrated it's 50th year in 2015, cementing the Portia Geach Memorial Award as Australia's most prestigious art prize for portraiture by female artists. Read More
  • Hornsby Art Prize

    Date: 09-Sep-2016
    An annual award open to artists all over Australia, sponsored by Hornsby Shire Council and delivered in partnership with the Hornsby Art Society. Read More
  • Mid West Art Prize

    Date: 09-Sep-2016
    The exhibition is open to artists throughout Western Australia working in any medium. A strict selection process will be adhered to so as to ensure an exhibition of the highest calibre. Read More
  • Golden Artist Acrylics

    Golden Artist Colours offers four formulations of acrylic colour. This video demonstrates the unique qualities of Heavy Body, Fluid, OPEN and Airbrush colours for use in painting. Read More
  • Making Oil Paint: Perfect Grind Makes Perfect Colours

    Date: 09-Sep-2016
    At Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colours, the process of making paint includes running paint through a mill. This step determines "the grind", or how fine or coarse each colour becomes.Each pigment reveals different characteristics at different levels of milling. Whether it is work-ability, texture or the colour itself, the grind is determined by what brings out the best balance for each colour. Read More
  • Introduction to Classical Oil Painting Michelle Hiscock

    Date: 07-Sep-2016
    Discover the sensuous beauty of classical oil painting techniques and be guided through a series of structured exercises and demonstrations of methods and specific use of materials. Read More
  • Landscape Painting Kevin McKay

    Date: 07-Sep-2016
    Explore the world of landscape painting and learn to paint confidently in the studio and outside using acrylic or oil paints. Read More
  • Art Classes at The National Art School

    Date: 06-Sep-2016
    Future Makers is an incubator of ideas designed to encourage creativity and exploration, as well as a fostering lifelong interest in the arts by introducing students to the exciting world of contemporary art. Read More
  • Joshua McPherson Private Art Classes

    Studio art classes offering the unique experience to draw and paint in a professional, working artists’ studio. Read More
  • A-F Fulgence Art Classes

    Date: 13-Aug-2016
    French born Anne-France (A-F) has been running Painting and Drawing workshops at the BDAS for the past 3 years. She currently teaches Painting at a Diploma level at the Nowra Illawarra TAFE, this since 2009. Read More
  • Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

    Date: 08-Aug-2016
    Currently with an annual first prize of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($150,000), the Prize is an important part of Australia's Arts calendar. Read More
  • Paddington Art Prize 2016

    Date: 08-Aug-2016
    A $25,000 National acquisitive prize for a painting inspired by the Australian landscape, now in it's 13th year. Read More
  • Need a Studio?

    Date: 27-Jun-2016
    A large 30 m2 studio flooded with south-east natural light is now available. Read More