Viarco Soft Carbon Pencil Set 2


Viarco Soft Carbon Pencil Set 2 includes a rich matte black lead which provides an ultra-smooth and consistent stroke. The ease of use, blending, and shaping capabilities make these pencils a delight to use.


We can deliver Viarco Soft Carbon Pencil Set 2 Australia wide, make sure that you check out the rest of your art supply needs.

Image Code Product Name Series Size Price Qty Attributes
Viarco Soft Carbon Pencil
2 carded
2 carded

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Freddie

    Viarco Soft Carbon Pencil Set 2 Review

    Viarco Soft Carbon Pencil is a great and perfect product for drawing! Very thick to thin, darkest black to light gray, for textures and tonality/tints.
  • Vianne

    Viarco soft carbon pencil review

    Beautiful rich matte lead. Viarco soft carbon pencil is so easy to use, so much to use! I highly recommend it!