Water Soluble Graphite Pencil Set 2


The same water-soluble graphite found in our 20g and 60g tins are now available in a 2B and 6B pencil. The graphite binds to paper and is erasable from that Water Soluble Graphite Pencil Set 2 created.


We deliver can your Water Soluble Graphite Pencil Set 2 Australia wide, make sure that you get every art supply needs before checking out from cart.

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Water Soluble Graphite Pencil 2 Carded
2B & 6B
2B & 6B
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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Albert

    Water Soluble Graphite Pencil Set 2 Review

    Water Soluble Graphite Pencil pencil is amazing! So much fun to draw with, and then create a wash from the pigments!
  • Jarrel

    Water soluble graphite pencil review

    Water soluble pencils are just like watercolor in graphite. You can add water to for interesting effects. It's an amazing product I didn't think I'd love!