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Conte Compressed Charcoal Set


Conte Compressed Charcoal Assorted Set 12 offers rich, deep, intense blacks and is stronger than regular willow charcoal. This type of compressed charcoal can work more like a graphite lead offering fine detailing and smooth laydown.

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Conte Compressed Charcoal Assorted Set 12
Charcoal Set
Charcoal Set
$50.60 Inc GST

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Middleton

    Conte Compressed Charcoal Set Review

    I find the Conte Compressed Charcoal Set to be stronger and more refined; quite pleasant to use. PERFECT just what I needed! Highly recommended!!
  • Jenine

    Conte compressed charcoal set review

    I like how Conte compressed charcoal is not as messy as some other charcoal products I have tried. It blends easily with any tools. I am satisfied with the purchase.