QoR Watercolour Light Dimensional Ground


Like QoR Modern Watercolours, these grounds combine the best of tradition with the latest technical advances, resulting in remarkable quality and performance.

QoR Light Dimensional Ground — When applied to virtually any substrate, this lightweight white paste creates a super-absorbent, sponge-like surface. It can be laid down in a smooth, thin layer, or built up to create ridges, peaks, and other interesting textures. The resulting surface allows washes to spread quickly, while accommodating fine lines and details as well. Dropping colour into lightly wetted areas creates beautiful blooms.

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QoR Light Dimensional Ground

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Claude

    QoR Watercolour Light Dimensional Ground Review

    Easy to apply, it made our cheap stretched canvases into great surfaces for my pieces! Surely I will get more of this QoR Watercolour Light Dimensional Ground soon!