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Canson Foamcore White A2 - 10 Sheets


Strong, stiff, resilient and lightweight. Canson’s foamcore is 5mm thick and made of polystyrene foam core laminated on both sides with white or black coated paper.
Foamcore can be easily cut with a knife; or can be scored and folded for three dimensional models. Also suitable for mounting artwork such as photos, pictures and posters.

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Canson Foamcore White - 10 Sheets
White, A2 (420x594mm)
White, A2 (420x594mm)
$79.00 Inc GST

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Germaine

    Canson Foamcore White A2 - 10 Sheets Review

    One thing that I love this Canson Foamcore White A2 - 10 Sheets is it Features high quality memory retention foam core that can easily be cut for my arts, craft projects and backgrounds.