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MIichael Harding Intro Oil Set


MIichael Harding Intro Oil Set is a professional line of oil paint formulated to the highest standards. These oils feature high pigment load and excellent mixing power. Colour intensities replicate those of handcrafted, limited edition oils produced prior to the invention of the collapsible tube in the 1840s. The consistency is silky, not oily. This enables the artist to paint the thinnest layers or thick impasto brush strokes with ease.

Using techniques dating back to the days of the Old Masters, MIichael Harding Intro Oil Set creates powerful, intense colours of paint that are both beautiful and durable. No fillers or extenders are used. No driers are added to even up the drying time of each pigment within the oil. This ensures against brittleness, cracking, and wrinkling.


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Introductory Michael Harding Set 6
Oil Set
Oil Set

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Stanley

    MIichael Harding Intro Oil Set Review

    I much prefer these than the previous oil been using no to mention the brand and the selection of colors of MIichael Harding Intro Oil Set is excellent. I love the value of my penny!