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Belle Arti Oil Primed Linen No.38 Per Metre


Belle Arti Oil Primed Linen No.38 Per Metre and cotton from Italy is the finest on the market. They supply a choice of weights and textured weaves from fine to coarse, and a choice of hand or machine primed finishes using universal or oil primer. Oil primed canvases produce a rich oily surface with excellent adhesion qualities.

Belle Arti is unique in producing primed linens in 2 widths, 216 and 310 cms. These dimensions cater to artists wishing to explore larger work. Primed linens are also stretchable yet stable, two vital components in producing a reliable surface on which to produce quality artwork.
10m Rolls

Image Code Product Name Series Size Price Qty Attributes
No.38OP ExFine 2 Coats
$138.50 Inc GST

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Elena

    Belle Arti Oil Primed Linen No.38 Per Metre Review

    Great product! The rich oily surface of this Belle Arti Oil Primed Linen is what I was looking for. Worth my bucks!