Charvin Extra Fine Gouache INITIATION Set


Made in France Charvin gouache has been recognised as one of the most performing paints on the market by many artists. Made from gum arabic, it is crushed in a tri-cylinder, cleaned and then filtered. The Charvin Gouache is creamy with a concentrated and an incomparable velvety finish.

9x20ml - Titanium White, Primary Yellow, Primary Magenta, Prussian Blue, Cyanine Blue, Medium Green, Raw Sienna, Ivory Black.

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Naoko Aoo 7th August 2017

    great gouache

    I love this gouache because I can use them opaquely and thinly like watercolour if I want to. If you don't apply too many layers, the paint will be semi transparent. If I want to build up in opaque, I can. I've put them in pans to take them for plein air sketching, and they rewet nicely (if I want to use them like watercolours. Not sure if the rewetted pan gouache has the opacity of full strength but then I just get new paints from tubes).