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Alesandro Bristle Artist Set 9pcs


Series 3100 Brushes like Alesandro Bristle Artist Set 9pcs offer Artist quality Natural interlocked bristles at a great price. They provide wonderful control, paint carrying capacity, spring, and longevity. Perfect for oils and acrylics. The design of the is a Long polished Yellow handles with a Blacktip, seamless with nickel-plated brass ferrules.

Artist Set in Flat 12, 8, 4 + Round 12, 8, 4 + Filbert 10, 8, 4


Image Code Product Name Series Size Price Qty Attributes
Alesandro 3100 Artist Set 9pcs
Artist Set
Artist Set

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Kira

    Alesandro Bristle Artist Set 9pcs Review

    I am VERY impressed with the quality of these Alesandro Bristle Artist Set 9pcs. They hold a large amount of paint and maintain an incredible point.
  • Alvin

    Alessandro Bristle Artist Review

    I love Alessandro Bristle Artist! Happy to see it is on sale! Big big savings for me!