Alesandro Stiff Synthetic Round Set 5pcs


Superbly handcrafted, this brush has an interlocked construction for maximum resiliency allowing the hair to spring back into position time after time. The secret is using a new type of Synthetic Hair made up of a proprietary combination of three diameters of synthetic hair. This combination of hair gives strength and a silky smooth feel, good absorbency, superb structural ability, and excellent rigidity. It shapes to a crisp edge or fine point, holds colour well, and can power through the heaviest of acrylics & oils with the utmost control. Alesandro Stiff Synthetic Round Set 5pcs brush head is then mounted into the seamless nickel-plated brass ferrule and is double crimped onto a long black matte handle with a red dipped end.

Round Set 12, 10, 8, 6 & 4

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Alesandro 2018 Round Set 5pcs
Round Set
Round Set

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Emme

    Alesandro Stiff Synthetic Round Set 5pcs Review

    Love this Alesandro Stiff Synthetic Round Set 5pcs, the Strokes are very beautiful! This is certainly the brush you are looking for!
  • Brody

    Alesandro stiff synthetic round brushes Review

    I have always liked the fine point of Alesandro stiff synthetic round brushes. This is my 2nd time to purchase. Satisfied customer here!