Flanders Belgian Polyester Fine 10m Roll


This 275gsm 3 coats acrylic primed Alres Polyester is a modern fabric used to provide a fine tooth for more detailed work. In fact, due to its lack of hygroscopic, or water absorbent qualities, the 3 coats acrylic primed polyester is ideally suited to the more tropical climates & any studios near water which are damp and poorly ventilated. Unlike cotton fabric Polyester will never attract mould.

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Jenny Kyng 8th November 2017

    Unique smooth surface for fine work; excellent archival properties

    I have always found commercially primed canvas abrasive and excessively absorbent so have been in the habit of sizing and priming my own linen with lead primer. However, even with all that effort and expense, I’ve had trouble getting a truly smooth surface that is easy to draw on and one on which the initial thinned-paint sketch layer will glide on. This canvas provides the surface qualities I’ve been looking for for many years. Being so smooth, it’s also kind on your brushes. Finally, the evidence shows this kind of canvas is a lot more permanent than traditional textiles because polyester is largely resistant to acid (eg fatty acids in oil paint), humidity and mould and doesn’t deteriorate in the way linen and cotton canvas does. I personally adhere my paintings to board so I’m not sure how hard or easy this fabric is to stretch but I assume it can be done. Artists Euon McLeod and Del Kathryn Barton both use stretched polyester.