Charvin BONJOUR Fine Oil Set


Charvin fine oils represent an excellent compromise between a quality oil and a good price-quality ratio. It should be noted that the difference between the Charvin ranges of fine and extra-fine oils is the grinding time – extra-fine oil is ground for twice as long as fine oil, while the process is adapted to suit each pigment. Each formula is adapted to suit the properties of each pigment, thus allowing you to use a wide range of textures: some creamy and opaque, others transparent and drier.

Charvin BONJOUR Fine Oil Set is 150ml Set - Titanium White, French Primary Yellow, Ruby Red, Light Cobalt Blue Hue & Ivory Black.


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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Kent


    Charvin bonjour fine oil does the job really well. It's very affordable, great value for your money!