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Chinese Gold Calligraphy Brush Set


Chinese Gold Calligraphy Brush Set is presented in a gold silk box this Chinese calligraphy brush set holds 4 large beautiful Natural hair brushes perfect for using with Inks and Watercolours.

Image Code Product Name Series Size Price Qty Attributes
Chinese Calligraphy Set
Calligraphy Set
4 Bruhes
Calligraphy Set
4 Bruhes

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Jakub

    Chinese Gold Calligraphy Brush Set Review

    I tried all of the brushes and was impressed with the quality of this Chinese Gold Calligraphy Brush Set. It works well, and a good array of brushes. Highly recommended!
  • Kim A.

    Chinese calligraphy brush set review

    I'm a watercolourist and I like using this chinese calligraphy brush set. It's very durable and made of natural hair.