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Chelsea Classic Soap


Made by artists for artists, Chelsea Classical Studio Brush Cleaners and Brush Soap are a safer alternative to turpentine, mineral spirits, and other more toxic solvents. For those concerned about maintaining a clean, all-natural studio or classroom, these naturally safe brush cleaners have a pleasant aroma, emit no carcinogenic fumes, and clean more thoroughly than their harsher counterparts. They're also more environmentally friendly.

Rinse your brushes with Chelsea Classic Soap 118ml in the Studio Brush Cleaners during painting to clean paint from your brushes, and after painting, sessions to thoroughly remove paints and mediums from brush hairs prior to storing. Cleaning with warm water and Chelsea Classical Lavender & Olive Oil Soap for Cleaning Brushes afterward is also recommended, to further moisturise and preserve brush hairs.

Made in the USA using Old-World Master techniques.

Lavender & Olive Oil Soap for Cleaning Brushes — Crafted from all-natural ingredients, this soap for brushes and hands has a pleasant lavender scent. It contains no chemical detergents and is a naturally safe, non-toxic alternative that cleans, conditions, and extends the life of your brushes while being gentle to your hands.

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Chelsea Classic Soap 118ml
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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Armelle Swan


    Just tried this soap for the first time recently and I love it. It has the necessary richness to clean oil paint out of brushes and off the skin but doesn't dry out either. The bar lasts well, keeping its shape, even with vigorous use.
  • Mcclure

    Chelsea Classic Soap Review

    This Chelsea Classic Soap is fantastic. It does not only clean effectively, but the olive oil base also restores the brush bristles without making them fluff out and lose their shape. I love this product!
  • Benson

    Chelsea Classic Soap Review

    This didn't irritate my skin! Chelsea Classic Soap is perfect especially for those who have sensitive skin like me.
  • Alexis

    Chelsea classic soap Review

    This brush cleaner is so gentle yet very effective. Chelsea classic soap keeps my hands chap-free and I love the lavender scent.