Flanders Belgian Glue Sized Linen Per Metre



For centuries, flax has been grown and transformed into linen fabrics throughout Flanders, the westernmost region of Belgium, known since the Renaissance for its prosperity and culture. The climate and soil of the region, interlaced with many small rivers, have made it ideal for linen production.

Flanders Belgian Glue Sized Linen Per Metre is the original brand of Kowa using high-quality linen harvested mainly in the Flanders region which straddles France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. (The Flanders region is a generic term for the current Belgian, French, and Netherlands historical regions.)

Alres only uses high quality 100% pure flax (linen) which is prepared and processed using traditional methods. Flanders Belgian Glue Sized Linen Per Metre is 100% high-quality linen canvas and has a Glue sized - 330gsm

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Mila

    Flanders Belgian Glue Sized Linen Per Metre Review

    Superb value! This Flanders Belgian linen is perfect for me and my people. We are elated! :)
  • Jonathan

    Smooth perfect for details

    Ive been using various linens but came across this one which it said it was 3 coats primed. Using the linen painting portraits there was no bleeding of paint to the back of the canvas and I managed to paint a perfect edge with this surface. Would highly recommend it if you are wanting to leave have of the linen exposed.