Aluminium Artist Studio Easel


Lightweight and adjustable, this Aluminium Artist Easel requires virtually no assembly. It folds and carries easily. It stands 79" (203 cm) tall with our custom extension and can hold canvases up to 63" (160 cm).

This easel has an attractive black aluminum finish. Tilt can be adjusted over a 30° range. Both upper and lower canvas supports can be adjusted to any height within the range of the central mast. The lower canvas support measures 21" W × 11⁄2" D, while the upper support measures 6" W ×11⁄2" D.

This lightweight black anodised aluminium easel being solid as it is folds down in a matter of seconds making it a perfect for plein air painting. This is the field easel you have been looking for.

Aluminium Easel


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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Helen G

    Received my easel today

    Just received my easel after ordering it 24 hours ago. Opening the box and assembling the easel took me less then 2min. I am in love.
  • Johnny K


    I have been using this easel for over a Month and I love it... it has been my go to easel for plain air painting. Painting outdoors has never been so easy with this Aluminium easel. Check out my Instagram @johnnykartist
  • Christopher Paul Toth

    Best easel I have ever owned

    I have purchased the expensive mabef easels before from my local eckersleys store and after finding this shop I haven't been back. This easel is a steal for what you're paying and is so light. I like to use it as a display easel because it's to light it's easy to transport and it folds up to fit in the boot of my car. They also have a great wooden easel for around 130.00 which I bought to paint on which was better than my mabef so I sold it on gumtree and saved the difference for Paint
  • Chris H

    Great travel easel

    Just picked up one easel and i can't believe how light it is. I saw the easel in their display area and I was sold after seeing how easy it is to pack and assemble the easel.