Daniel Smith Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Set


Jean Haines is an Internationally renowned watercolorist and author of best-selling books including “Atmospheric Watercolors”.  Described as a “breath of fresh air” on the art scene, Jean’s ability to instill enthusiasm and inspirational motivation is captured in her popular DVDs, books and sold out workshops globally. 

“A fabulous selection of shining shades that can be used in so many beautiful ways. Mix with existing watercolour pigment, use alone or as a glaze to turn an ordinary painting into a stunning piece of art. Subjects can look fantastic when painted in watercolour but they can sometimes lack the lustre of life as seen in reality. Colour additions with one or more of the shades from my shimmer sets can beautifully bring them to life.” -Jean Haines 

The new Jean Haines’ All That Shimmers Watercolour Set is a special, 5ml tube collection of six DANIEL SMITH Luminescent (Shimmering) Watercolors selected by Jean Haines that add special reflective depth and colour which regular colours cannot.  This is a magical set that can add unique shimmer to enhance a diverse variety of subjects from gossamer butterfly wings, dewy florals, to racing horses and jockeys, and so much more!

  • Iridescent Ruby
  • Iridescent Aztec Gold
  • Pearlescent White
  • Iridescent Electric Blue
  • Iridescent Topaz
  • Iridescent Copper

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Daniel Smith Jean Haines All That Shimmers Set
Watercolour Set
6 x 5ml
Watercolour Set
6 x 5ml

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