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Borciani e Bonazzi 145 Series


Series of 145 made in Italy like all the Borciani e Bonazzi brushes, this brush is made from horsehair and tickled brass ferrule. This brush is known as a flogger perfect for mark-making on the canvas.

Borciani e Bonazzi has been making fine art brushes for over half a century. Today, their expert workers still make their brushes exclusively by hand, one by one, using age-old techniques and top-quality materials, mainly natural hair or bristles. Skill and enthusiasm result in a product of very high quality, widely used by artists and painters and preferred for a wide variety of restoration projects, including many of the most important monuments and works of art in Italy, for example the restoration work carried out both at Rome and Florence for the Jubilee.


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BB Series 145 - Horsehair Flogger
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