Derivan Liquid Pencil Set


Have you ever been sketching and wanted to cover a larger area quickly? Or wanted to just variegate the tone very subtly similar to using a watercolour? Well, Derivan Liquid Pencil is capable of all these things and more. It's a truly revolutionary way to create sketches.
Derivan Liquid Pencil is available in Permanent and Rewettable formulas in six subtle graphite shades - Yellow, Red, Blue. Sepia, Grey 3 and Grey 9 in 40ml jars.

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The Liquid Pencil set of twelve 12ml tubes, contains all six shades of Liquid Pencil in Permanent and Rewettable formulas.
Pencil Set
Pencil Set

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Henley

    Derivan Liquid Pencil Set Review

    These Derivan Liquid Pencil Set are fun to experiment with, and the results are surprising. High quality and Very pretty colors! A BIG thumbs up!
  • Jyna

    Derivan Liquid Pencil Review

    Derivan Liquid Pencil is fun to experiment with. I was surprised at the results!